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New Class starts March 8, 2005:
Modern Technique (taught by Hilary Bryan)
Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm, Shawl Anderson Dance Center
2704 Alcatraz Ave., Berkeley CA 94705 510-654-5921
Build core strength & expressive range through a vigorous, integrated approach to movement. Based on harmonic internal connections, dynamic alignment, and Laban Movement Analysis/Bartenieff Fundamentals. Challenging, intuitively gentle guidance.

Upcoming workshops:
SPEAK WITH THE FEET, Contact Improvisation Lab
Thursdays- March 3, 10, 17, 24, 2005 Class 6:30-8 pm / Jam 8-10 pm
Temescal Arts Center, 511 - 48th Street at Telegraph, Oakland
This lab in grounding focuses on lower body alignment for strength and power. Use them for support and communicating with your partner. Develop your rotation & lower body support through a gentle, integrated approach to movement. Based on harmonic internal connections, dynamic alignment, and Laban Movement Analysis/Bartenieff Fundamentals.

$15 drop-in, $55 for all four sessions ($45 advance registration includes free jam entry).

To register:
Please send check payable to Hilary Bryan, 5392 Miles Ave, #4 Oakland, CA 94618 Write title/date of workshop in memo. More information, (510)601-9863

Additional Workshops Available
Please call to arrange, (510)601-9863

Hilary teaching body alignment in Taiwan

Body Alignment pdf
Movement Coaching
Private sessions

Or call to arrange a class for your group.


Modern Dance Technique

Express yourself through movement
Learn to trust your body while honoring its limitations
Let go of your thinking mind
Enjoy the pure pleasure of breathing and moving through space

Hilary Bryan's strong and clear technique is based on harmonic internal connections, rather than on external forms, so that new movement is easier to learn and more personally meaningful. We explore movement's expressive subtleties so you can find your own interpretation and dance fully from your whole being. We use movement to create personal meaning and to connect with others in a self-paced, non-competitive environment.
"Hilary's class makes my body feel balanced and whole."

Body Alignment
for dancers, actors, athletes, lovers

(printable pdf flyer)
Stop re-injuring your ankle (knee, etc.)
Develop the core strength you need
Move naturally with ease and fluidity
Increase your expressive range

Internationally acclaimed performer and Certified Movement Analyst Hilary Bryan teaches dynamic alignment based on Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals. Learn how the Patterns of Total Body Connectivity, basic to all human movement, can help you move efficiently without strain or wasted effort. Release the tension that keeps you from moving freely. Self-paced,
"Challenging and intuitively gentle guidance."


This lab in grounding focuses on lower body alignment for strength and power. Develop your rotation & lower body support.

ERGONOMICS LAB FOR PILATES TRAINERS Replace stressful movement patterns with more efficient, easeful ones. Improve your own body mechanics while working on clients and ensure your own long career

- Acrobats - Yogis - Dancers - Actors: Feeling STUCK in your movement?
~ Flow between your poses
~ Find your power through flow
~ Summon your inner strength
~ Expand your partnering skills
Flow is the baseline of movement and the through line of performance. Flow connects the whole body and provides the internal support we need to move freely. We explore the concept of flow in water, wind and fire and apply our new experience of flow to partner acrobatics and personal movement style.
[printable pdf]

(Reprinted from Open Exchange Magazine, January, 2000)
Stretching into the New Millennium
by Hilary Bryan

Hilary Bryan is co-director of Frank and Bryan Dance, a modern dance company, and also of The Body at Work, a series of workplace wellness seminars in workstation setup and injury prevention.

I am a working artist as well as a teacher, which means I am constantly choreographing, rehearsing, and performing.  I use my classes as a playground to experiment with new movement ideas and concepts that I am working with in my own dancing.  My students are always excited to see me perform, because they get to see movement on the stage that they have done themselves in class.  I am also a singer, forging a new medium of "singing dance" (dancing song), and I use my voice throughout my classes to direct and accompany the students.  I also work closely with live musicians who accompany class with a different eclectic collection of instruments every week.  The variety keeps me interested and alive.

I believe that everyone can dance.  I have students in my dance classes who have never set foot in a studio, or who are returning to the studio after a long hiatus, together with my regular students.  My classes begin slowly with an internal focus, so that everyone experiences the work at their own level, and then we gently ease into full-bodied movement.  I know that people love to move -- even beginners.  I value and teach proper placement and alignment, but when we get to dancing, I think it is more important to feel the flow of the movement than to have the steps exactly right.  Very often the steps sort themselves out as the student feels the rhythm of the movement

For those who want to focus on alignment and stretching, I created Unfolding Your Strength.  This class develops body awareness and movement efficiency and is based on my training in Laban / Bartenieff Movement Analysis and on my experience helping others to find deep structural support, ease of movement, and release of tension.  A number of my Unfolding students first came to my class when they were injured and have stayed even after their injury has healed.

I think of injuries as opportunities to learn about they way we move.  Very often we injure ourselves in predictable ways because of our movement patterns or body mis-alignment.  If we replace potentially dangerous movement patterns with more efficient and less stressful ones, we can learn to prevent injury.  My goal is to give people an experience of ease in movement.


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